PinpointAI for Loan Document Intelligence comes pre-trained on 55 million loan documents across performing loans, re-performing loans, NPLs, EBOs, HECMs, merchant loans, FCLs, Title Deeds and more.

PinpointAI for Loan Document Intelligence

The magnitude of this training set, combined with the 800+ document types within this set, greatly enhances the contextual accuracy of our platform to process never before seen documents. In short, our solution is ready to go out of the box and can be relied upon to provide accurate and reliable results.

Loan  Buyers & Servicers
Loan Buyers & Servicers
We help leading institutions that acquire and/or service loan portfolios to value and manage these loan portfolios through enhanced diligence & collateral review.
Advisory Firms
We help firms who provide advisory services in the loan portfolio market to extract and infer structured loan information from vast volumes of scanned loan documentation.
Loan Sellers
Loan Sellers
We help leading institutions selling loan portfolios to narrow the bid/ask spread by providing loan portfolio information in a structured manner during the bid process.


Reduced the time it takes to process a loan portfolio from 6-8 weeks to 48 hours.

Reduced the cost of processing a loan file by over 90%.

Achieve a level of accuracy 30% higher than equivalent human team.

Use Cases

Pre-deal due diligence Post-deal analysis Collateral review Compliance testing Loan document indexing

What makes the PinpointAI for Loan Document Intelligence solution unique?

55m loan documents
Trained on 55m loan documents, representing $200bn of successful transactions.
800 loan document types
Trained on 800 loan document types, including 45 critical document types.
Distinct attributes
Pre-configured with a comprehensive taxonomy of 492 distinct attributes to extract across 800 document types.
Extendable for new attributes
Extendable for new attributes, document types, output formats and reports.

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