Property titles, which serve as legal proof of ownership of a property, can be complex and time-consuming to manage.

PinpointAI for Title Document Intelligence

PinpointAI for Title Document Intelligence extracts information from large volumes of property title documentation, allowing clients to gain valuable insights and mitigate risks associated with title defects, fraud, and other legal issues quickly and accurately.

Our solution is ready to go out-of-the-box and can be relied upon to provide highly accurate and reliable results.

Loan Buyers & Servicers
Real Estate Institutions
We help leading private equity and institutional buyers of real estate to streamline their property title processes.
Advisory Firms
We help firms who provide advisory services in the real estate market to streamline property title processes.


Reduce the turnaround time for assessing titles and risks from weeks to hours.

Reduce the cost of processing by over 50%.

Automatically populate your templates with the extracted title information and status.

What makes the PinpointAI for Title Document Intelligence solution unique?

Variations of titles
The solution comes pre-trained on thousands of variations of title documents.
Managed Service offering
Make use of our Managed Service offering and allow us to take full responsibility for collating your title information.
Output format
All title information is provided in the output format you specify, such as an Excel template.
Extendable for new attributes
Extendable for new attributes, templates, output formats and reports.

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