Our Services

Customization Services
We offer customization services to generate additional bespoke reports and outputs. This enables the solution to be tailored to meet current business processes and workflows.

Managed Services
PinpointAI Managed Services supports clients with human-in-the-loop oversight and advanced model tuning. This reduces the need for in-house resources so clients can focus on their core business processes while we take care of the technology and its maintenance.
Industry Expertise
We have SMEs in the loan portfolio transaction market - we understand the unique challenges and requirements of this industry. We support clients making better decisions and improve their business processes at scale.
Experienced AI Innovators
Our leadership team has 100+ years of combined experience in AI and ML - we are passionate about improving business processes by unlocking the power of AI for all.

Client Onboarding

At PinpointAI, we understand the importance of a smooth onboarding process, which is why we have developed a comprehensive approach to help our clients achieve their goals. Our client onboarding process ensures that clients feel supported, informed, and valued throughout the process.

Discovery and Design
This phase involves understanding the client's business objectives and use cases, as well as identifying the data sources and types of data that will be ingested into the platform. The PinpointAI team will work with the client to determine the optimal data ingestion and processing approach.
Data Ingestion
Once the data sources have been identified, PinpointAI will work with the client to ingest and process the data. This may involve cleaning and normalizing the data, as well as applying machine learning algorithms to extract insights.
User and Project Training
PinpointAI provides training to clients on how to use the platform and interpret the insights generated by the machine learning algorithms. Additionally, the team may work with the client to develop custom models and workflows to meet specific business needs.
During the last stage PinpointAI will assist with the deployment of the solution. This may involve integrating with existing systems or deploying a new solution from scratch. Throughout the deployment process, the PinpointAI team will work closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition to the new solution.

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