Our Clients choose PinpointAI for the quality of our platform, our solution, our services and our experience

Above all else is our commitment to our clients and their outcomes – their success is our success.

Our clients have seen a more-than 80% reduction in the costs associated with processing large quantities of documents.

Our solutions
  • Ready to go, out-of-the-box solutions, pre-trained on more than 55 million documents.
  • Trained on 800+ different document types within the Loans space alone.
  • Comprehensive taxonomy of extracted attributes, extendible for new requirements.

Our platform
  • A flexible, scalable platform that can be applied to additional use cases within the enterprise.
  • Scalable, performant and secure, with a cloud-agnostic deployment model.
  • Integrates seamlessly into your existing solution landscape, systems and processes.

Our experience
  • Package of Onboarding services designed to deploy to production in weeks.
  • Entire solution can be provided as a Managed Service (AI-as-a-Service).
  • Post-go live customer success, model tuning and support.

Our service
  • We have, by far, processed the largest number of loan documents of any provider, globally.
  • Leverage our extensive team of AI experts and subject matter experts.
  • We love detail and accuracy as much as we love innovation – we deeply care about your success and your return on investment.

Our patents

Our three patents make a substantial difference in the real world of processing loan and lease documents.

  • Intelligence modelling processes for segment inference supports human-like contextual awareness of document contents
  • Platform enhanced contextual accuracy leads to accurate extraction of data in unanticipated scenarios, such as completely new document types and layouts – handled just like an intelligent human would

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